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Vervain Tea Benefits

Vervain is a perennial plant from the mint family, noted by small purple-blue flowers and small spikes around the bud. This plant is common across Europe and historically traces to Roman times, where the vervain tea benefits were used for a variety of medicinal treatments in the days before prescription pharmaceuticals. Even after many centuries, the vervain plant continues to benefit society for numerous medicinal purposes, including the detoxification of the body and the treatment of depression. However, compared to more popular herbs like St. John’s Wort and ginseng, vervain is surprisingly overlooked by many natural health seekers.

Improves Mood

One of the most prominent uses for vervain tea is its ability to help naturally boost mood and reduce feelings of anxiety. This is because drinking vervain tea can help relax the nervous system, which can stimulate feelings of relaxation and even help to encourage a good night of rest. Those who have trouble getting to sleep at night, may take comfort in a cup of vervain tea half an hour before bed. Vervain tea has even been said to help women who are suffering from side effects of premenstrual syndrome.

Aids Digestion

You can also drink vervain tea regularly as a natural tonic that can help improve your digestive system. For common problems such as flatulence, bloating, cramping, or general stomach pains, vervain tea is a great choice. Drink this tea with a meal if you are looking for a way to promote better digestion. Vervain tea has even been noted as being able to improve nutrient absorption in the body.

Other Benefits

Other vervain tea benefits include a variety of different medical treatments. The anti-inflammatory abilities of the herb are known to assist with the aches and pains of osteoarthritis, while the herb has also reported to have an effect on depression and other nervous disorders. Scientific data does not exist to backup these claims, however anecdotal accounts report that people who take vervain experience improvements in the form of relaxation and the ability to think clearly after severe bouts of depression. Due to the safe nature of this herb, there’s no reason not to try it and see if it has a similar effect on you or not.

Vervain tea is surprisingly safe to consume compared to other herbs, with no notable side effects to be aware of, however as a rule of thumb it should be avoided when taking medications with similar effects to the herb’s, and pregnant or nursing women should avoid herbs due to unpredictable maternal effects. For most, it would seem vervain is a perfect addition to the cupboard as a way to treat a variety of symptoms in a safe and therapeutic way. For additional information, contact a doctor with knowledge of herbal medicine and natural health concepts.

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