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Vervain Tea & Anxiety

The vervain plant, also known as verbena, has had a long history of use as an herbal supplement and remedy for various uses. Generally, the aerial parts of this plant are used to brew a tisane, more commonly known as herbal tea. This is then ingested for its positive effects. Some of the most common uses of vervain tea is for supporting bladder function, digestive function, and it may even be helpful for easing nerves which can be equally useful for a variety of issues such as the symptoms that can come along with cases of anxiety.

Overview of Anxiety

Throughout the course of life, it is generally considered normal for someone to be affected by mild feelings of anxiety at one point or another. General feeling of stress, worry, or nervousness are normal in most cases and can be felt in tense situations such as job interviews or during a test. However, there can be cases where anxiety is felt more severely than normal and can be a symptom of an anxiety disorder which can be very hindering on everyday life.

Drinking Vervain Tea

Drinking a cup of vervain tea can help calm your nervous system, which can further help you to ease and relax. What’s more, is that vervain can sedate your nervous system without leaving you with any unnecessary side effects. Additionally, drinking this tea regularly can supplement and help strengthen and tone your nervous system. You may even be able to experience an uplift in overall mood by drinking this tea. It is advised however, to consult with a doctor prior to taking vervain tea if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to any medications.

About Us

Vervain tea works well as a safe and natural option for those who are looking for ways to help them easy anxiety.