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Vervain Tea for Digestive Support

When it comes to digestive issues, there are quite a few natural remedies to turn to. Over the years herbal teas have become increasingly popular as many people prefer a gentler, more natural approach for resolving mild digestive issues. Despite the wide variety of herbal teas available, many herbalists will recommend vervain tea as a good, convenient digestive supplement. If you find yourself suffering from poor digestion, vervain tea may be an herbal supplement that is worth looking into.

Common Causes of Digestive Problems

Issues with digestion can be discomforting and difficult to deal with. Some of the most common digestive issues include acid reflux, nausea, stomach aches, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and cramping. The reasons behind digestive issues are varied and can be hard to pinpoint but some of the most prominent causes of poor digestion include stress, poor diet, insufficient eating habits, and certain drugs or medications can also have an effect on digestion. Poor digestion can lead to more serious problems such as toxin build up in the intestines which can further increase the chances of developing illnesses.

Using Vervain Tea

Drinking vervain tea after a meal can help encourage and promote healthy digestion. There are many herbalists who will frequently recommend vervain tea for cases of nausea and other mild digestive issues. Furthermore, vervain tea helps to cleanse the digestive system as well as the liver which can help remove unwanted toxins in the body that may interfere with proper digestion. It is advised to avoid drinking vervain tea and other herbal teas if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to medications unless you have consulted with a doctor prior.

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Among the many uses of vervain tea, this herbal supplement may also prove useful for helping support digestive function as well.